Providing a convenient, all-in-one, collaborative solution to report and manage a Community's un911 Safety and Security concerns.

What is sci-Shot?

What is sci-Shot?

It's quite simple – public safety matters, and sci-Shot is the easiest and most reliable solution to connect people everywhere to the professionals responsible for their safety and security. Unlike other reporting Apps, sci-Shot accepts reports of any safety or security concern, from anywhere, empowering the User to act without hesitation. User Reports can be broadcast to all opt-in Safety and Security Professionals (Public Gallery) or confidentially directed to a private organization (Private Gallery).

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  • Full Anonymity for reporting from anywhere, anytime

  • In-app Camera to capture photos or videos of Observations

  • 2-way Confidential communication between App User and Subscriber and Peer Subscribers

  • Real time Alerts from Safety and Security Professionals

  • Charitable Rewards for continued User engagement

  • Direct 911 connectivity

  • Optional @handles to direct Media to designated Subscriber


  • Direct text/email Notifications to Subscribers

What is a sci-Shot moment?

A sci-Shot moment captures a range of Observations, both the Obvious and the Curious. From the seemingly unsafe and threatening to the more obvious safety or security concern, sci-Shot encourages Users to act on instinct and report things that would otherwise go unreported.

Picture of a suspicious person

How it Works:


You notice a seemingly unsafe or threatening activity or condition.


Take a picture or record a video of your Observation.


Select the appropriate tag(s) for your concern (i.e. vandalism, safety hazard).


Anonymously share your eyewitness Observations with Public Safety and Security Professionals everywhere.

What People Say...

Angel Cicerone, Tenant Mentorship

sci-Shot's use at venues like outdoor and indoor shopping centers improves and expedites safety and security communications between shoppers and security. sci-Shot's broadcast feature allows for the timely discovery of and response to any safety or security concern -- even supporting the search for a wandering child - in minutes. I would recommned sci-Shot to every indoor and outdoor center. What a great way to provide a comfortable environment for shoppers.

Beth Stone, Senior Brand Manager

I have had multiple experiences when I saw something that made me uncomfortable, and question my safety. I didn't report my feelings because I didn't think it was serious enough to call police, nor did I believe that they could do anything about it. I would have also been embarrassed to report a suspicion. But looking back, I was never certain that the situation wouldn't harm me or someone else later. I'm glad that sci-Shot takes care of those what-if moments.

Ralph Page, Executive Director Crime Stoppers of Broward County

Crime Stoppers of Broward County will be using Sci Shot as an added tool to aid law enforcement to detect and solve crimes. At the same time if a sci-Shot picture results in an arrest the picture taker is eligible for an anonymous reward of up to $,3000.