Beware: There’s a Serial Rapist in Miami-Dade County Who’s Been Victimizing Females Since 2013

by Juan Diasgranados9/28/2015
Florida International University
Snap it, Tag it, Share it... Help solve the mystery of man who's been terrorizing women in Miami-Dade County since 2013.

The latest incident was last month in Miami Beach. According to reports, a woman woke to a strange man in her bed at approximately 5am. She told detectives that a man, who she did not recognize, began performing oral sex on her and referred to her by name.

Police are stepping up their patrols and are redoubling their efforts to alert the community.

The "serial creeper," as he's been dubbed by police, has managed to work his way through apartments and homes throughout South Florida without detection from authorities.

The man authorities are looking for does not discriminate with age. The women range in age from 22 to 64 years. In every instance the victim awoke with the suspect standing over them or nearby.

DNA confirms the man's ancestry as Hispanic, police say.

"This is someone we need to apprehend," said interim Coral Gables Police Chief Ed Hudak. "We don't believe he's gone. He may have gone into hiding."

A Florida Department of Law Enforcement profile suggests the suspect police are looking for is soft-spoken loner who is both sexually and socially immature.

Surely, someone has seen something odd or out of the ordinary over the past two years regarding this unidentified man. Perhaps something suspicious just went unreported?

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