Technology Deterring Crime

by Anita Setnor Byer, Founder - sci-Shot5/21/2014
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Public Safety Stewards are continuously implementing new technologies to prevent, reduce, and investigate criminal activity. Before technology began playing a role in ongoing investigations, criminals had little reason to worry after committing a crime. However, technological advancements have come so far that law enforcement can now use data to predict when and where certain incidents will occur. The technology available to law enforcement is always changing. See a few of the latest tools highlighted below:

SmartWater was created to protect valuable assets that are often targeted in thefts and comes in the form of a clear liquid, which contains a forensic code that is built to last a minimum of 5 years within all weather conditions. The liquid is applied to valuable items and only visible under a black light, so criminals are unaware they taking an item which can be easily tracked and indentified as stolen property. A year after SmartWater kits were implemented in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the community saw a decline of 14% in home burglaries.

ShotSpotter provides law enforcement with a location of where a gun has been fired or an explosive has gone off. By installing sensors within a specified area, ShotSpotter technology is able to determine the precise location of the gunfire or explosion. Within seconds of the incident, qualified alerts are sent out. Quickly pinpointing these locations helps police arrive to the exact location quickly and increases the chance to save lives, as well as capture more suspects.

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sci-Shot’s Mobile App empowers Users to anonymously share pictures and video of unusual or suspicious incidents that do not post an imminent threat with Public Safety Stewards. sci-Shot Subscribers need information and they are willing to pay App Users for that information. Users receive rewards when their eyewitness accounts provide corroborating information that substantiates an investigation. Subscribers can also Broadcast Alerts and easily create Handles and Subhandles to request content of a specific nature.

The use of technology provides an avenue to better protect our communities. If tools like these are implemented and used correctly, we will continue to see a decrease in criminal activity. We now have the capability to quickly and effectively locate missing items, pinpoint gunfire, and provide critical evidence to deter crime. While our police departments continue to discover and utilize new tools, we too must equip ourselves with the technologies available to keep our communities free from crime, streets free from hazards, and neighbors free from harm.

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