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by Anita Setnor Byer, Founder - sci-Shot4/30/2014
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Social Media provides an invaluable source of information to law enforcement for crime prevention and criminal investigations. It permits a real-time dialogue with the public and has been instrumental in apprehending fugitives, identifying associated suspects, and linking individuals to criminal activity. Despite its many successes, though, Social Media is not a complete solution. More public-private partnerships are needed.

Gorenberg Murdered: March marked the seventh anniversary of a tragic murder that remains unsolved. Randi Gorenberg was shot and killed on her way home from the mall near Jog Road, Florida. Randi’s mother and detectives continue to seek answers in hopes of identifying the victim’s shooter. They continue to ask the public for information that may lead to an arrest.

Search for Fisher: The FBI continues to search for Robert Fisher, accused of killing his wife and children 13 years ago in Arizona. The murders were gruesome and the remains of the bodies were found inside the charred remains of their home. Fisher’s vehicle and dog were found several days later, but his whereabouts remain unknown to this day.

Authorities continue to search for these suspects and many more. Unfortunately, these tragedies and many like them occurred years before the explosion of Social Media and the ubiquitous use of Smartphones that can capture every moment of any life, and provide a reliable source to record observations and eye-witness accounts

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Today, without doubt, the combination of Social Media and Smartphones provides a powerful tool for fighting crime. And, law enforcement is about to benefit from another private-public partnership, with a social movement Mobile App developed by sci-Shot.

sci-Shot is a free Community Watch Mobile App that encourages and empowers the public to voluntarily (and confidentially) send their pictures, video and comments of suspect or unusual incidents that while not plainly hazardous, harmful or illegal, may nonetheless be relevant to public safety and help bridge the gap between what is known and unknown. sci-Shot is not intended to replace the emergency responder system, but rather to supplement it – with a tool that lets the public ‘go with their gut,’ without concern or fear of calling on the limited resources of our Public Safety Stewards.

Media is securely stored and organized through sci-Shot’s database until (or if) the information is accessed by law enforcement to support an investigation. The App also provides a convenient and organized platform for the delivery of Media and Comments to Public Safety Stewards when requested, and a feature that allows Stewards to deliver Safety Alerts to the public, across all communities.

Become an App User today to start keeping our communities free from crime, our streets free from hazards, and our neighbors free from harm.

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