Revolutionizing Non-Emergency Hotlines

by Anita Setnor Byer, Founder - sci-Shot6/11/2014
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Non-emergency report hotlines have been available to the public for years. From the abandoned car to neighborhood vandalism, government and law enforcement have sought methods to ensure that the public’s observations of the seemingly hazardous, harmful or illegal are reported and acted upon. While these hotlines and their web-based (as well as emerging Mobile App) counterparts have had some success, they have yet to develop a mass audience of devoted Users – and a majority of incidents go unreported.

Today’s citizens are eager to participate in our collective public safety, but need the right tool to do so. The sheer volume of hotlines across government agencies, cities and states is unwieldy and most citizens are confused as to which line to use for what purpose. These hotlines also fail to attract the new mobile generation of citizens that communicate through ‘sharing’ on social networks. Then, there is the issue of trust and intimidation. How many of today’s hotlines are truly anonymous? How certain are any of us that an inaccurate ‘tip’ will not result in consequences?

These concerns gave rise to sci-Shot, the newest in Community Watch Mobile Apps.  

Real-time eyewitness reports are a click away. Though many telephone hotlines offer an online or Smartphone counterpart, there are few that allow the User to upload both pictures and video and engage in anonymous, interactive dialogue with Public Safety Stewards. There are even fewer Apps that keep a User’s privacy as a top priority. With sci-Shot, the commitment to anonymity and a User’s rights is above all else.

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sci-Shot also prioritizes convenience for App Users. The App is available for free for iPhone and Droid Users, providing the on-the-go solution sought by many. sci-Shot is not saddled by borders or time. Users can report from anywhere, at any time. And best yet, it is sci-Shot’s job to get the User’s report in the hands of the right people.

Today’s hotlines fail to harness the observations of the crowd, from within the crowd. Unlike most other non-emergency report hotlines, sci-Shot encourages App Users to report conduct, conditions and events of any nature – whether just curious or suspicious, or seemingly hazardous, harmful or illegal, sci-Shot empowers its Users to share just about anything that may (or seems to) affect our collective public safety. 

Mobile Apps like sci-Shot aim to revolutionize non-emergency hotlines by providing convenient, Media-capable platforms to the public. Become an App User to help keep our communities free from crime, our streets free from hazards and our neighbors free from harm.

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