Revolutionary Public Safety App develops an un911 Solution for the Crowd to share their Safety and Security concerns, anonymously

by Anita Setnor Byer, Founder - sci-Shot6/12/2015
mobile safety app

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla – (June 9, 2015) – sci-Shot’s innovative non-emergency public safety and security mobile App wins User confidence, as reported in sci-Shot’s last market research efforts. Anita Byer, sci-Shot’s Founder explains, ‘Users are onboard with the business model, supporting our belief that people can benefit from a universal, go-to App for reporting all things un911.’ The App, which serves as a convenient way for people to anonymously report non-emergency public safety and security concerns, can benefit a broad range of organizations, including, event management enterprises, shopping centers, apartment complexes, homeowners associations, indoor malls, and stadiums – virtually any venue where the public gathers or lives.

“It’s a step below calling 911 and a step above doing nothing,” explained Anita Byer. “The App empowers people to report observations that would otherwise go unreported, providing a convenient solution for people to act on anything, from anywhere. We’re encouraging everyone to download sci-Shot, register as an anonymous user, and in less than a minute, confidentially share pictures and video of any seemingly unsafe or threatening activities or conditions. ”

sci-Shot’s mission is to make the world a safer place through universal connectivity between public safety officials and the crowd. sci-Shot offers a solution that permits the User to act on instinct and report whatever they consider the threat. sci-Shot goes a step further than most Apps by encouraging anonymity so that the barriers of reprisal or intimidation are no longer at play.

Users upload observations, with pictures and video through the sci-Shot App, providing information to registered safety and security professionals who can optionally communicate confidentially with the App User. App Users can view investigations underway in any community through App’s Explore Map, and be notified of all sci-Shot peer activity in their respective communities.

If a sci-Shot picture or video is used in an investigation, Users are rewarded with a gift card worth up to $50 they can redeem. sci-Shot’s next release will provide the User with a ‘social good’ option that permits the redemption of monies or an opportunity to donate their monies back to a defined selection of charities chosen by the community of sci-Shot Users. Information used to solve a felony may be subject to additional financial rewards of up to $3,000 through participating Crime Stopper organizations.

The App is available through both the App Store and Google Play, and does not require any modifications to the User’s smart phone. sci-Shot is committed to privacy, and all user data is encrypted employing the highest of standards.

For more information about sci-Shot, visit sci-Shot or download it for free at the App Store.