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by Gabrielle Beecher, Marketing Assistant - sci-Shot5/28/2014
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Human Trafficking is the third-largest criminal enterprise in the world with more than 2.5 million victims at any one time. While it is generally regarded as a foreign problem, 83% of world’s victims are in the United States.

Human Trafficking comes in many forms, but follows a similar pattern in the United States: victims pay to be illegally transported into the U.S only to be forced into prostitution, involuntary labor or other forms of servitude to repay debts for travel. In 2014 alone, 240 cases of Human Trafficking have surfaced in Miami, Florida.

“Our Miami children are being sold for sex in our community,” said Katherine Fernandez Rundle, the State Attorney for Miami-Dade County. “We are absolutely determined to rescue these girls.”

This particular crime is difficult to detect because victims are either under strict surveillance or intimidated into silence – it is even more difficult to eliminate, despite law enforcement’s efforts.

Training programs are being used to help spot incidents of Human Trafficking, while reverse stings and heavy surveillance are being used to reduce it. But to completely eliminate this problem, law enforcement relies on eyewitness accounts from the community at large – with emerging Community Watch Mobile Apps like sci-Shot, sharing these observations is convenient and unintimidating.

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sci-Shot empowers a caring public to take action and report any suspicious activity in their communities. With sci-Shot, Users can anonymously pass along their observations to Public Safety Stewards without having to file an official (and intimidating) report. That way, Users are not forced to be judge and jury – simply concerned witnesses.

sci-Shot helps our Public Safety Stewards bridge the gap between what is known and unknown when it comes to Human Trafficking, or any other socially curious incident. Whether you choose to provide tips to law enforcement directly or upload your pictures and videos to a Mobile App like sci-Shot, reporting suspicious activity in your community can make all the difference – and potentially save a life.

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