Police Announce Arrest of Foot-Sniffer at Florida International University (FIU) Library

by Juan Diasgranados9/18/2015
Florida International University

Imagine you're sitting at the library and someone sneaks underneath the table to… smell your feet!

That's exactly what happened to some Florida International University students in Miami, FL this past month.

“Although some may consider this to be humorous or insignificant, the FIUPD takes these reports seriously and continues to investigate the matter,” a rep for the Florida International University Police Department tells the school's student media.

Some may think this is a funny situation, but something funny can become suspicious or dangerous quickly. Only in Florida right?

As funny as a foot-smeller may be, this is a form of harassment. Only after several days of this form of harassment did one student think he may have identified a suspect. It was difficult to identify a suspect because of the lack of evidence, like pictures or videos.

Coincidentally, a man matching a student’s description was spotted Tuesday on a scooter several miles from campus. A student who recognized the suspect immediately called 911.

The suspect, 52-year-old Eddy Juan, was arrested Tuesday and charged with violation of sexual offender registration, fleeing and eluding, reckless driving, aggravated assault and resisting without violence.

Cases like this are why sci-Shot is so helpful to our communities. A singular global app to report suspicious activity would help resolve potentially dangerous situations such as this. sci-Shot could make our communities much safer. Today it was a humorous "foot smelling" but tomorrow it could be something much worse.

Be curious. Be cautious. Be sci-Shot. Snap it. Tag it. Save it. Let's work together to keep our communities safe.

This story is the perfect sci-Shot moment. Would you call the police if you noticed someone smelling your feet? Not sure if I would. I would be afraid the dispatcher would laugh at me. But taking a photo, and reporting it to sci-Shot? Why not?

It was a photo that was distributed to police that eventually led to the suspect’s arrest. Police had one picture of the suspect. Maybe there were more photos out there. With sci-Shot, users can easily upload photos and share with law enforcement officials. Surely, many folks saw the man, but didn’t want to necessarily get involved.

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