Partnership Brings Increased Surveillance

by Anita Setnor Byer, Founder - sci-Shot5/7/2014
video surveillance camera

Criminals can often run, but thanks to the emergence of social media and technology, they cannot hide. Surveillance cameras not only provide an image of the suspects, but they present indisputable evidence to corroborate eyewitness testimonies. Oftentimes, the videos or still images extracted from surveillance cameras are shared on social media, resulting in tips and additional information used to identify and locate suspects.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department recognizes the importance of the evidence provided by surveillance cameras, which is why they recently partnered with PublicEngines, a cloud-based solution that facilitates crime analysis, to increase the video footage available in surrounding areas. The main initiative of their partnership is to gain access to commercial and residential security cameras quickly and effectively. Community involvement is essential to making this happen. Citizens can register their cameras through and agree to share basic information. The information and camera footage will remain anonymous, and law enforcement must still request access to the footage. However, Public Safety Stewards will be able to view the location of the cameras in order to contact camera owners in the event of an incident in the area.

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This partnership emphasizes the importance of community involvement in order to progress from what once was one-way communication into a more streamlined communication process with the community. With a similar initiative, sci-Shot encourages a caring public to confidentially share pictures and video of their real-time, eyewitness accounts of seemingly hazardous, harmful or illegal conduct, events, or conditions (that are suspect or unusual) with the stewards of public safety. While security cameras provide an eye in the sky, Smartphones provide observations from the street. sci-Shot’s free Community Watch Mobile App provides Public Safety Stewards with tagged, dated, and GPS stamped media allowing Subscribers to analyze, organize, and disseminate incident reports quickly and effectively. Subscribers can also create handles to request specific information and even further streamline the process of analyzing media.

Taking advantage of technology, whether it is through residential security cameras, Smartphones, social media, etc can make all the difference when investigating criminal activity.

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