National Hazing Prevention Week

by Anita Setnor Byer, Founder - sci-Shot9/24/2014
teen getting hazed through texting

National Hazing Prevention Week runs from September 22-26 and is dedicated toward raising awareness of hazing, educating the public about the dangers of hazing, and promoting the prevention of hazing. Recent events confirm that hazing occurs in a variety of environments, from professional sports venues to college campuses.

Jonathan Martin and the Miami Dolphins: In professional sports, rookies are often accepted by the team after being exposed to certain rituals and treatments.  Many of these acts, while not condoned, are often harmless.  Harmless rituals, though, are not always the norm.  The scandal involving Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin raised major concerns about hazing and locker room culture. Martin quit the team after suffering mental distress after repeated instances of verbal abuse, both spoken and through text messages. Incognito and many of the Dolphins players argued that the acts were “tough love” and consistent across the locker room.

UCF Hazing Photo: A fraternity at the University of Central Florida was suspended last year after a photo of an alleged hazing surfaced and was posted onto various social media websites. The photo depicts a pledge being forced to ‘chug’ alcohol while two others ‘puke in misery.’

Wyoming Hazing Skit: The principal of a high school in Wyoming resigned after the administration obtained a sexually explicit video of a skit that depicted new staff members as sex offenders, drunks, and serial killers.

From these instances, it is apparent that hazing continues to represent a challenge to a civilized society, often damaging lives and reputations, while costing untold sums of money to the institutions that fail to manage the errant outcomes of hazing.  For this reason, many institutions are reviewing their current reporting, often considering Mobile Reporting Apps as an effective supplemental tool.

Mobile Apps for the reporting and managing of hazing are growing in numbers.  With Apps like sci-Shot, a new generation of Users can use pictures and video to support their observation of threatening or unsafe conduct.  Whether reporting hazing or some other illegal or harmful event, Users are ensured anonymity and are provided with a confidential channel to voice their concerns and communicate to those who will respond immediately and effectively. 

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