Increasing Public Safety, One Download at a Time

by Gabrielle Beecher, Marketing Assistant - sci-Shot7/2/2014
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Too many people look the other way when it comes to reporting suspicious activity – the undisputed Elephant in the Room. This phenomenon of watching and avoiding, coined the ‘bystander effect’ by psychologists, has led to a staggering number of unreported crimes. But what if these observations were shared, rather than disregarded?

In our tech-savvy society, this question isn’t too far-fetched. If you have a Smartphone, you have access to one of the most powerful reporting tools in the world – and now, with the help of Mobile Apps, it’s not just limited to dialing 911.

Numerous software developers across the United States have not only recognized the benefits of using modern technology to report crimes, but have provided the public with convenient ways to do so. sci-Shot, the newest of these Community Watch Mobile Apps, strives to revolutionize public safety efforts by creating a network of connected citizens who choose to report suspicious activity rather than ignore it.

sci-Shot permits a caring public to express concerns anonymously, with little effort, and with no consequence – except the possibility of getting paid, that is! sci-Shot has a unique way of financially rewarding Users (even if anonymous) for their observations of conduct, events and conditions that threaten public safety.  sci-Shot’s Media based App is also about connectivity – it not only connects App Users to Public Safety Stewards, but connects Users to each other. It provides a platform for sharing local news before it’s news.

And, most importantly, sci-Shot is about trust! sci-Shot has invested in technologies that make certain that a User’s identify is protected above all else.

Take a look at the chart below to see how sci-Shot compares to other Security Mobile Apps.

Productsci-ShotMyPDSee SendRaids OnlineLive SafeCrime ReporterICE BlackBox
Free to Publicyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Available for iphoneyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Available for Droidyesyesyesnoyesnoyes
Crime Reportingyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Public Broadcast Alertsyesyesyesyesyesnoyes
Incident Mapyesyesnoyesyesnoyes
Anonymous Reporting, Optionalyesnoyesnoyesyesno
Social Media Componentyesyesnonoyesnoyes
Other Reporting (Socially Curious Incident)yesnononononono
Accepts Pictures/Videos and Commentsyesnononoyesyesno
Private Broadcast Alertsyesnononononoyes
Alerts with Accompanying Picturesyesnononononoyes
Alert Selection Customized by Useryesnononononono
Alert Archiveyesnononoyesnono
Optional Confidential 2-way Communication with Subscribersyesnononoyesnono
Rewards and Incentive Programyesnononononono
Rewards available for Other than Crime Related Informationyesnononononono
Peer Collaboarationyesnononononoyes
National Platform for Public and Private Partnershipsyesnononoyesnoyes


Become an App User to help keep our communities free from crime, our streets free from hazards and our neighbors free from harm.

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