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by Anita Setnor Byer, Founder - sci-Shot4/2/2014
police arrest

Crimes occur everyday and without the assistance of an attentive and caring public, would often go unreported and unresolved. Yet, this needed assistance runs counter to what our public safety stewards want and expect from its citizens if the help results in confrontation and places the citizen in harm’s way.

In South Florida, corporate headquarters to sci-Shot’s Community Watch Mobile App, four separate instances highlight the need to protect citizens without limiting their engagement and willingness to participate in issues of public safety.

A handyman witnessed what appeared to be a female drunk driver hit a motorcyclist and leave the scene of the accident.  The handyman crossed three lanes of traffic, chased down the suspect, and urged her to return to the scene.  When the driver refused to respond to the handyman’s request, he called police to her home.  

A high school junior witnessed a hit and run incident.  He told a bystander to call 911 and followed the driver. He led police to the suspect’s home.

A woman witnessed a car hit a bicyclist and drive away from the scene. She followed the driver long enough to snap a picture of the car with her cell phone, including the license plate. The information was used by police and helped track down the suspect.

A university lacrosse player tackled a fleeing hit-and-run suspect as the driver ran across the university’s lacrosse field. The suspect had driven through a red light, hit multiple cars, and exited the car to flee on foot. The lacrosse player tackled the suspect and put him in a sleeper hold until the police arrived.

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sci-Shot’s Mobile App provides a reliable and confidential tool to report eyewitness accounts when your safety is at risk. With sci-Shot, Users can get involved, while avoiding direct confrontations, to report seemingly hazardous, harmful, or illegal incidents with confidence and the knowledge that their voice will be heard, and their pictures and video will be available to public safety stewards across all communities. sci-Shot allows a caring public to provide critical information that may otherwise go unreported and can help bridge the gap between what is known and unknown.

Become an App User today to start keeping our communities free from crime, our streets free from hazards, and our neighbors free from harm.

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