Halloween Safety Tips

by Marcelo Galperin, Brand Communications Coordinator - sci-Shot10/29/2014
Halloween pumpkin and skull

It’s that time of the year again! People are dressing up in all sorts of costumes and it becomes difficult to determine who is out for a fun, harmless time and who is out planning on taking tricks a little too far. With so many people roaming the streets, safety becomes a major concern. The following tips can help you and your children stay safe this Halloween:

1. Travel in Groups - There is safety in numbers. Avoid trick-or-treating alone and have a trusted adult accompany any children.

2. Inspect Candy - Carefully examine the candy to make sure that it has not been tampered with. Do not eat any candy that is unwrapped or looks like it has been unwrapped. Make sure to also remove any candy small enough to be a choking hazard for young children.

3. Look Both Ways- Always look both ways before crossing the street. This is always a good tip, but should be emphasized during Halloween with so many people walking around. Stay on sidewalks whenever possible.

4. Stay in Well-Lit Areas - Only visit well-lit homes and do not enter a stranger’s home.  Carry a flashlight or glow sticks just in case.

5. Keep Accessories Soft/Flexible – Make sure any costumes with accessories such as swords, knives, or any other props are soft and flexible enough to not cause injury if fallen on and cannot harm other children.

Trick-or-treating safely will make Halloween fun for everybody! While following these tips will help you and your loved ones stay safe, there are still those who seek to be a bit unruly during this holiday.

From “tee-peed” houses to 'egged' cars, Halloween invites trouble. So, be prepared to report all suspicious activity or curious conduct or events by downloading sci-Shot. With sci-Shot, seemingly unsafe or threatening conditions are recorded anonymously and made available to local law enforcement or security before things get out of control.

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