Are Your Children Safe?

by Anita Setnor Byer, Founder - sci-Shot8/13/2014
school bus and boy

The summer is coming to an end and it is that time of the year to send your children back to school. You expect school to be a loving place where children can make new friends, learn new things, and feel as safe as they do at home. While this is the case for most, there are some important safety tips that parents and children should review before the school year starts.

Just a few tips:

1. Do not write your child’s name on their backpack or clothing. This allows strangers to call your child by name, creating a more likely scenario for your child to approach them.

2. Have your child walk to the bus stop with a friend if possible. If your child must walk alone, stress the importance of not talking to strangers.

3. Make sure to come to a complete stop in your vehicle if a bus is stopped and kids are exiting. Vehicles on both sides of the street must stop!

4. Let your child know that they can talk to you about ANYTHING. If there is any bullying or inappropriate behavior occurring, you want to be a comforting source they can go to.

5. Make sure your child knows your phone number, address, and to dial 911 in the event of an emergency. Placing your number on speed dial is beneficial, but your child should be able to dial the number manually in case an unforeseen instance occurs.

These tips along with others can help keep children safe, but the efforts should not stop there. Additional measures can be taken to ensure the safety of children and adults alike.

Unfortunately, we have seen more and more crimes occurring throughout schools over recent years. Public safety has become a growing concern as we have witnessed everything from school shootings and stabbings to sexual assault and bullying. The question arises, what can we do to prevent these tragedies from continuing to take place?

One person coming forward and telling a school counselor or policeman they have witnessed something suspicious or unusual could make all the difference. Submitting this information anonymously along with a picture or video can give the authorities the information needed to investigate any incidents without the complications of revealing the eyewitness’ identity. Our children are already using cell phones to text, take selfies, and play games, so why not equip them with an additional tool that could protect them as well as those around them?

sci-Shot is dedicated to making the community a safer place. Providing a free anonymous reporting tool creates an environment where more information can be gathered and stored, which can ultimately be used not only to investigate incidents that have already occurred, but provides the data that can be used to prevent these incidents from occurring in the future.

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