Airport Watch Now in Effect

by Anita Setnor Byer, Founder - sci-Shot3/26/2014
flying airplane

For years now, amateur photographers have been gathering at airport perimeters to take pictures of incoming and outgoing planes. Recently, Miami International Airport has decided to tap into these enthusiasts and solicit their help with security. A new program, Miami Airport Watch, asks pre-screened volunteer photographers to put their hobby to work, serving a greater cause. These volunteers keep their cameras poised to record any and all unusual or suspicious activities witnessed.

The group has already noticed a few incidents that are out of the ordinary, one being a man in a nearby parking lot in full costume dressed like Rambo. While it was ultimately determined by police that the man was attending a nearby comic book convention, airport security was alerted to a possible threat.

Thanks in part to social media, personal observations are an accepted and integral part of our public safety. Miami International Airport is one of many organizations using eyewitness accounts from the public as a tool for security. sci-Shot hopes to see this initiative continue to grow not just in airports, but everywhere. sci-Shot’s Community Watch Mobile App encourages a caring public to confidentially report their public safety concerns to public safety stewards. Reports are collected, stored, and organized through sci-Shot’s database.

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The free mobile app provides a channel to deliver real-time eye witness accounts of conditions that while not plainly hazardous, harmful or illegal, may nonetheless be relevant to public safety and bridge the gap between what is known and unknown.  

Subscribers can broadcast alerts to notify the public about events and create @handles to request post event information from the public. Users can submit all media to a specific @handle to allow any related content to be viewed quickly and easily by public safety stewards.

Public information is critical in keeping our communities safe, and an extra set of eyes can make all the difference. Groups like the Miami Airport Watch are taking initiative and you can too! Become an App User today to start keeping our communities free from crime, our streets free from hazards, and our neighbors free from harm.

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