sci-Shot's Gallery allows Subscribers to access geo-located, pictures, videos and comments provided by members of their community -- supporting confidential, two-way communication, and allowing for the timely resolution of safety and security matters. The Gallery can be used to receive reports of any nature, as determined by the Subscriber.

Subscribers to the Gallery include:

  • Public and Private Organizations
  • Outdoor Venues, including Stadiums, Concerts, Festivals, Amusement Parks
  • School Campuses
  • Indoor and Outdoor Malls
  • Apartment Complexes, Condominiums and HOA's
  • Nightclubs and Entertainment Complexes

Subscribers benefit from:

  • The timely discovery of concerns and prioritization of responses
  • A powerful tool to access, analyze and organize safety and security reports
  • Reliable and confidential two-way communication between App User and Subscriber
  • Subscriber to Subscriber communication
  • Secure Cloud based solution, available 24/7 without costly hardware or software installations
  • Optional Reward system available for App User
  • AES encryption exceeding DoD and DH requirements