Providing a convenient, all-in-one, collaborative solution for managing a community's or organization's safety and security.

What is sci-Shot?

What is sci-Shot?

It's quite simple – safety matters, and sci-Shot provides a reliable and streamlined solution that connects individuals across a wide range of communities and organizations with the professionals responsible for their safety and security.


  • Full Anonymity for reporting from anywhere, anytime

  • In-app Camera to capture photos or videos of Observations

  • 2-way Confidential communication between App User and Subscriber

  • Charitable Rewards for continued User engagement

  • Direct 911 connectivity

What is a sci-Shot moment?

A sci-Shot moment captures a range of Observations, both the Obvious and the Curious. From the seemingly unsafe and threatening to the more obvious safety or security concern, sci-Shot encourages Users to act on instinct.

Picture of a suspicious person

How it Works:


A User notices a seemingly unsafe or threatening conditions or activity.


Users take a picture or record a video of Observation


Appropriate tag(s) are selected (i.e. vandalism, safety hazard).


Users anonymously share eyewitness Observations with Public Safety and Security Professionals.