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sci-Shot Subscribers need information and they are willing to pay
sci-Shot users for that information. Earn up to $50 for each sci-Shot picture or video purchased by Subscribers. Start earning money now by enrolling below.

sci-Shot (patent pending) allows individuals, while remaining completely anonymous, to share pictures and video of their real-time, eye-witness accounts of seemingly hazardous, harmful or illegal conduct, events, or conditions with the stewards of public safety.

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Suspicious Dog Owner

sci-Shot user, animal143, is enjoying a walk in the warm sun when she notices a neighbor's dog locked in the car at a local gas station, with windows rolled up. On her return back home, some 15 minutes later, she snaps a photo of the car, and uploads it to sci-Shot, tags the photo as 'animal abuse,' although...

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Suspicious Luggage

sci-Shot user, collegegirl03, is waiting to catch the bus to campus when she notices a man walking away from 2 bags. Concerned, she keeps an eye on him, and notes that he remains within the vicinity of the bags as he talks on his cell phone. She snaps a picture of the bags for sci-Shot as she boards the arriving bus...

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Suspicious Loiterer

sci-Shot user, prektchr, is at recess with her students when she notices a man loitering by the fence. She doesn't recognize him as a parent so she snaps a photo for sci-Shot.

A different day, a different time, and without knowing about prektchr's photo, sci-Shot user runner323 is jogging through his local park...

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Suspicious Trespasser

sci-Shot user, worldtravlr, is waiting for his wife to come out of the restroom at the train station when he notices a man exiting the woman's restroom. He takes a video of the man and uploads it to sci-Shot.

A different day, a different time, and without knowing about worldtravlr's video, sci-Shot user janitor266...

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