Tracking Crime Probability

by Anita Setnor Byer, Founder - sci-Shot2/12/2014
police officer

Police have been analyzing information for years in an attempt to predict and prevent crimes from happening, but the process of collecting and analyzing the data has been laborious and time consuming – that is, until recently.

Today, predictive analytics software, such as that developed by IBM, assists law enforcement with how to better identify criminal hot spots.  And, the information is available in seconds. The software can analyze the release dates of convicted criminals, building permit applications, bus schedules, weather forecasts, etc. to identify patterns and predict areas with the highest probability of certain types of crimes occurring.

Predictive analytics software lets the user ask ‘what’s next?’ And, when combined with the aggressive surveillance of social media, permits law enforcement to direct their resources to the next imminent threat to public safety.

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Added to this mix of data will be the next generation of social movement apps that permit the crowd to voluntarily (and confidentially) report their observations of suspect or unusual incidents that do not pose an imminent threat to public safety, and therefore, are not likely to attract the attention of public safety stewards.    

These apps, such as the one developed by sci-Shot, provide a channel to deliver real-time eyewitness accounts of incidents that while not plainly hazardous, harmful or illegal, may nonetheless be relevant to public safety stewards and bridge the gap between what is known and unknown.  

sci-Shot’s social movement app also includes an incident map that publishes credible incident reports in any given area, and offers opt-in public safety alert notifications, community by community. Though these technologies are still being tested by law enforcement, it is great to see the public participate in improving our public safety.

sci-Shot’s technology allows individuals to get information in the right hands while remaining completely anonymous. So if you feel you have seen something that does not warrant a 911 call, but just didn’t seem quite right, snap a photo or video and use our mobile app to upload it to our database so that public safety stewards can access it.

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