New Approach To Policing

by Anita Setnor Byer, Founder - sci-Shot4/16/2014
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As we enter a new era of technology, methods of policing are constantly evolving. In the past, Public Safety Stewards were forced to react to a crime that had already been committed to aide in matters of public safety. Presently, emerging technologies and data mining have created an opportunity for a proactive approach to prevent crime from happening in the first place.

The LAPD Pacific Division is analyzing sets of data to identify which areas are most likely to attract crime to participate in a new trend of “Predictive Policing” . The department’s focus is not to increase the number of arrests in these areas, but to eliminate criminal activity before it can even occur.

The department uses social media to release a map with new boxed areas, highlighting the regions that are at the highest risk. Community involvement is an essential component in Predictive Policing and the department urges people to exercise, walk with a neighbor, or walk their dogs in these areas to deter crime. While the police will be patrolling these areas as well, an extra set of eyes could make all the difference.

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People take pride in their communities, and this new policing method has already reduced crime. The ability to share these crime maps and other media instantaneously helps concerned citizens and public safety officials take a stand to protect their neighborhoods.

Many departments have taken steps towards crime prevention and are not alone in their efforts. sci-Shot’s Community Watch Mobile App expands upon these efforts and is the perfect tool to bring on those walks around the neighborhood. Users are able to anonymously report real-time eyewitness accounts of unusual or suspicious incidents, which can then be viewed via a Gallery by Public Safety Stewards. Among other features, users have access to a crime map, listing specific incidents with details.

Become an App User today to start keeping our communities free from crime, our streets free from hazards, and our neighbors free from harm.

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